Phil Molyneux


Phil Molyneux currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer at i.am.plus Inc., founded by innovator and musician will.i.am to create products that combine fashion and technology in the evolving wearables segment. Prior to Mr. Molyneux’s appointment at i.am.plus, Mr. Molyneux held executive and leadership positions at Sony for more than 25 years, including: Chairman, Sony Electronics Inc.; President and COO, Sony Electronics Inc.; Managing Director, Sony Central & Southeast Europe; Managing Director & Vice President, Sony Europe; Vice President, Computer Peripherals & Components, Sony Europe, as well as several multi-year roles in product and sales management. Mr. Molyneux graduated from Newbury Technical College and from the Polytechnic of Central London. Mr. Molyneux also serves on the Board of Directors for Innovega Inc., GreatCall Inc., and Glentham Capital Limited.