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Company Profile

Control4 is a leading provider of automation and control solutions for the connected home. We unlock the potential of connected devices, making entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure. We provide our consumers with the ability to integrate music, video, lighting, temperature, security, communications and other functionalities into a unified home automation solution that enhances our consumers’ daily lives. More than 75% of our consumers have integrated two or more of these functionalities with our solution. At the center of our solution is our advanced software platform, which we provide through our products that interface with a wide variety of connected devices that are developed both by us and by third parties. Our solution functions as the operating system of the home, making connected devices work together to control, automate and personalize the homes of our consumers.

Investor Quick Reference

  • Control4 trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol CTRL.
  • Control4 shares can be purchased or sold by working with a registered broker.
  • Control4 does not currently pay a stock dividend on its common shares.
  • You can contact Control4 Investor Relations by submitting your comments on our online comment form.